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Oh, micromobility, how we adore

The convenience we bring to your hotel door

Modidock at Mandal Hotel

Oh, micromobility, how we adore
The convenience you bring to our hotel door

From electric scooters to bikes so sleek
You make exploring the city a fun-filled treat

No longer must we rely on our feet
To traverse the concrete jungle and its busy streets

With micromobility, we can zip and zoom
And reach our destinations without any gloom

In the hotel lobby, we spy the rentals
Our excitement grows as we finalize the essentials

Adjusting the seat and checking the brakes
We can't wait to explore the city's hidden lakes

Through the winding streets, we glide with ease
The wind in our hair, our worries do seize

The sights and sounds are all around
And with micromobility, we can cover more ground

So here's to you, micromobility, our trusty steed
In hotels, you truly are the travelers' need

With your sleek design and eco-friendly ways
Our adventures are always met with great praise.