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Charging as a Service

Sandnes pilot launch

On Friday 25 June, "Mobidock" and Margret Hagerup officially opened the world's first wireless charging point for micromobility at Ruten in Sandnes. Together with partners, main suppliers and a pleasant video greeting from the Minister of Oil and Energy Tina Bru, Mobidock marked the start of a pilot project worth 9.5 million which will find a solution to the problem of electric scooters that are not parked properly. The pilot project, which is supported by Innovation Norway, is unique on a global scale, and is a fantastic example of the green shift; advanced oil technology, which is supplied to NASA and the US Navy, among others, is being used in a new way.

Project manager Frode Gundersen says that the goal is to establish a sustainable charging infrastructure for micromobility in small and large cities both nationally and internationally. The main aim is to achieve a significantly tidier and more environmentally friendly cityscape by introducing adapted charging and parking infrastructure.

The advantages are many:

- Charging is initiated when parked in a rack. Operators do not have to bring in and charge batteries.
- Reduce operating costs for operators
- More than halving the battery requirement and weight of the bike by a trickle charger (=Sustainability)
- Less maintenance and damage as the bike does not fall but stands upright in the rack
- Better accessibility, especially for the audience with movement/vision challenges
- Cloud service that gives municipalities, users and operators increased opportunities to utilize the capacity for micromobility and make it easier to regulate its use.

We would like to thank:

Sandnes Municipality
Kolumbus AS
Ryde Technology AS
Unplugged AS
Blue Logic
Forus Næringspark AS
Innovation Norway